Statement from Peter Gutwein to the ABC Morning Show

Debates were to be only between the two major parties

Labor must come clean on secret cuts

Labor don't have a revenue problem - they have a spending problem

Labor must fess up on secret cuts

The Premier finally concedes Labor plans further cuts to government services

O’Byrne must explain “balanced budget” gaffe

O'Byrne living in a parrallel universe if he believes Labor has got the Budget "back on track" !

Labor can’t deliver on irrigation promise

Labor has failed to set aside a single dollar to fund irrigation roll out

Labor desperately trying to buy the election

Labor on massive spending spree when the State simply can't afford it

Youth unemployment rate a national disgrace

Youth unemployment is spiralling out of control in our State

TCCI slams Giddings over lack of savings

Every election promise that Lara Giddings makes is driving the budget deeper into debit

Liberals’ State Energy Strategy to attract investment, retain industry and secure jobs

Alarming increase in power prices with transmission costs have soared by 200% over the past five years


Labor has no policies and no plan for the future

Labor’s Budget Black Hole Exposed

None of Labor's election promises are offset with savings

Liberals’ Craggy Ridge commitment to create 1000 new jobs

Craggy Ridge eco-tourism development to create 1000 new jobs

Liberals’ Plan to rebuild essential services: Supporting Neighbourhood and Community Houses

Creating jobs will be the number one priority of a majority Liberal Government


Giddings dumped the Greens because if she didn't David O'Byrne would have dumped her

Liberals’ back Mussleroe development: to deliver over 1000 new jobs for the North East

The Libs recognised that the North East of Tasmania is a region in desperate need of an economimic and jobs boost since Labor and Greens shut down the forestry industry

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