Helping Tasmanians with the cost of living

11th June 2018 The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to making Tasmania an even better place to live, work and build your future.

Rebecca White just gives up

10th June 2018 Labor Leader Rebecca White has failed a major test of her leadership by admitting Labor will not deliver an Alternative Budget.

Tasmania’s exports continue to boom

7th June 2018 Today’s Australian Bureau of Statistics export figures confirm that Tasmania’s exports are booming with annual growth in exports running at three times the national average.

Guess who’s back - Lazy Labor!

7th June 2018 Failed former Finance Minister Scott Bacon must come clean on which of their billion dollar commitments they still stand by and he must commit to producing an Alternative Budget.

National Accounts figures demonstrate strength of Tasmanian economy

6th June 2018 The March 2018 quarter National Accounts released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today demonstrate the fundamental strength of Tasmania’s economy under the Hodgman Liberal Government.

Labor’s deficit of truth on GST

4th June 2018 While Rebecca White is busy fending off leadership attacks from David O’Byrne, Josh Willie is yet again being sent out to talk down Tasmania and spread mistruths about our GST share.

Will Shorten make the same guarantee on GST as Turnbull?

3rd June 2018 The Hodgman Liberal Government has returned the budget to surplus four years ahead of schedule, has net cash and has forecast surpluses across the forward estimates.

Investment in Tasmania continues to rise

1st June 2018 New ABS figures have confirmed that Tasmania businesses are continuing to invest in the state.

Whingeing Willie at it again

31st May 2018 Josh ‘Whingeing’ Willie is at it again.

MyState update confirms strong economic growth

30th May 2018 The latest MyState Tasmanian Economic Update confirms Tasmania’s economy is booming.

O'Byrne fails on TasWater

24th May 2018 David O’Byrne’s claims on TasWater are as laughable as they are wrong.

Public sector wages

24th May 2018 Tasmania has an excellent, dedicated and professional public sector. They deserve to be, and are, paid well, especially in comparison to the private sector.

Burial and Cremation Act 2002

23rd May 2018 There has been considerable discussion in recent times about the proposed sale of churches and cemeteries by the Anglican Church throughout Tasmania.

Strong results for Tasmania in ANZ Stateometer report

23rd May 2018 The latest ANZ Stateometer report has confirmed Tasmania’s economy remains in a strong position leading up to this year’s budget.

Integrity Commission Report into the Glenorchy City Council

22nd May 2018 The Integrity Commission’s report into the Glenorchy City Council is very concerning reading.

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