Devonport City Abattoir

22 October 2018 JBS has advised the Government of its intention to permanently cease being the operator of its Devonport City Abattoir on 15 November 2018.

Tasmania’s unemployment rate remains low

18 October 2018 Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force data released today for September shows Tasmania’s unemployment rate remains steady at 5.9 per cent, much lower than the 7.5 per cent recorded in March 2014.

Standing up for Tasmania’s fair GST share

16 October 2018 The Tasmanian Government’s clear position has always been that it would not agree to any changes to the GST distribution model that are not in Tasmania’s best interests.

Easing the cost of living and building better infrastructure

15 October 2018 This week in Parliament the Hodgman Liberal Government will bring on for debate three key pieces of legislation focused on easing cost of living pressures for Tasmanians and building the infrastructure we need for tomorrow.

Ex-HMAS Darwin

The Tasmanian Government has decided not to accept the Commonwealth Government’s offer of the ex-HMAS Darwin for scuttling off the East Coast.

Retail trade continues to shine

5 October 2018 Tasmania’s record-breaking run of strong retail trade has continued, with data released by the ABS today confirming 46 consecutive months of growth.

Scott Bacon once again demonstrates he is not up to the job

4 October 2018 All Mr Bacon can do is make up silly conspiracy theories.

Proposed Commonwealth GST legislation requires amendment

3 October 2018 The Hodgman Liberal Government’s clear position has always been that it would not agree to any changes to the GST distribution model that are not in Tasmania’s best interests.

Public sector unions’ claims fail on the facts

2 October 2018 It is disappointing to learn that Tasmania’s public sector unions are continuing industrial action which will affect everyday Tasmanians.

Securing Tasmania’s fair GST share

1 October 2018 The Tasmanian Liberal Government will not accept any outcome on the GST that is not in Tasmania’s best interests.

Getting on with job delivering the water infrastructure Northern Tasmania needs

28 September 2018 This week’s historic vote endorsing the State Government as a shareholder of TasWater unlocks a major economic reform for the State which will deliver lower water and sewerage prices and better infrastructure for Tasmanians.

Tasmania ready for work

27 September 2018 Today’s Australian Bureau of Statistics data confirms the continued momentum of Tasmania’s economy with a surge in job vacancies over the August 2018 quarter.

Lower water prices and better infrastructure

27 September 2018 The Hodgman Liberal Government welcomes the result of today’s historic vote of Tasmanian Councils endorsing the State Government as a shareholder of TasWater, with 28 of 29 Councils voting to approve the terms agreed under the Memorandum of Understanding.

Backing our tradies of tomorrow

24 September 2018 In its first year, 1,661 Tasmanian small businesses were approved for the Small Business Grants Program pilot – over three times more than expected.

Strike action to affect students and families

20 September 2018 It is disappointing to learn that the AEU is planning industrial action today given the Government has committed to employing 250 more teachers, which will have a massive impact on teacher workload.

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