Local Government Act review

7 December 2018 Tasmania has changed significantly over the past 25 years, and despite the past quarter of a century seeing substantial social, economic and technological changes, the Local Government Act has remained the same.

Tasmanians spent up big in October

6 December 2018 Another month, and Tasmania’s record-breaking run of retail trade has once again continued, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirming 48 months of consecutive growth.

Tasmania's economy outgrowing the nation

5 December 2018 Tasmania's economic growth continues to outpace the nation with State Final Demand data released today confirming our state remains well ahead of national growth and in fact is experiencing the second fastest growth in Australia.

Panicked Labor wrong again on Mersey funding

4 December 2018 There is no risk to future funding of the Mersey Hospital.

Macquarie Point Development Bill passes Legislative Council

29 November 2018 This afternoon, the Macquarie Point Development Corporation Amendment Bill 2018 passed the Legislative Council.

Tasmania significantly out-performs nation in business investment

29 November 2018 Private investment in Tasmania continues to boom with the latest ABS statistics confirming the State is leading the nation in terms of growth in private investment.

Time for unions to get back to the table and negotiate in good faith

29 November 2018 Tasmanians have every right to ask why they have been targeted for disruption by union leaders when there is a fair, reasonable and affordable pay rise offer on the table that will do exactly what their members have been calling for – better conditions for their members and that also allows for more staff to be recruited.

Businesses to grow under new Hodgman Government strategy

29 November 2018 The Hodgman Majority Liberal Government is the strongest supporter of our businesses, and job creation is our number one priority.

Tasmania tops nation in business confidence

27 November 2018 The latest Sensis Business Index results once again confirm that Tasmanian small and medium businesses are the most confident in the nation, in both metropolitan and regional areas.

When union leaders knock off early it’s hard to keep up with the facts

27 November 2018 Claims last night from CPSU boss Tom Lynch that he was unaware of the Government’s fair and affordable wages offers for Tasmania’s State Service employees shows what little respect he has for the members he purports to represent.

Delivering fair and affordable wage increases for Tasmania’s State Service

27 November 2018 The Government has always believed Tasmania’s hardworking State Service employees deserve a pay rise. But, importantly, it must be fair, it must be sustainable, and it must be affordable so we can continue to invest in frontline services for Tasmanians.

Recess is over - time for the AEU to get back to negotiating in good faith

26 November 2018 Over the weekend Australian Education Union leaders sought to deliberately mislead Tasmanians about teacher numbers in our schools.

Nyrstar committed to Hobart Smelter

23 November 2018 The CEO and senior management of Nyrstar have outlined plans to continue to invest in their Hobart Smelter in a briefing provided to me today.

Local Government Act review

22 November 2018 The Hodgman Majority Liberal Government is committed to reviewing the Local Government Act, with the scope of the Review now finalised after consultation with the sector and community.

Strong management confirmed by Standard and Poor's credit rating

22 November 2018 Tasmania’s economy is booming, and it is now a better place to live than ever before. The latest classification from Standard and Poor’s, that retains Tasmania’s AA+ credit rating, confirms the strong financial management of the Hodgman Majority Liberal Government and its strong Budget position. This is important, because a strong budget enables the Government to make record investments into health, education and infrastructure, to deliver the services that Tasmanians need and deserve. The credit rating by Standard and Poor’s highlights the importance of the Government’s commitment to implementing savings and keeping expenditure growth under control. Standard and Poor’s said: “We view Tasmania’s financial management as extremely strong.” “… Tasmania’s experienced management team and exceptional liquidity coverage continue to underpin the state’s creditworthiness.” “… we still expect Tasmania to achieve solid operating surpluses…” It is clear the Government’s plan is working, with the ABS last week confirming Tasmania as the third fastest growing state in Australia. The 2018-19 Budget focusses on building for the future and taking Tasmania to the next level.

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