Welcoming in the light at Diwali Launceston

2 November 2018 The Hodgman Liberal Government is a proud supporter of Tasmania’s multicultural society, and has a plan for all Tasmanians to be a part of a brighter future.

Devonport abattoir update

The Government has been working constructively with JBS and interested parties to ensure the ongoing operation of pork production at Devonport Abattoir. Whilst this work is ongoing, I am now in a position to provide a further update.

Time for unions to stop disrupting public services

2 November 2018 It’s time for unions to stop disrupting essential services and take the payrise offer of six per cent over the three years which is on the table.

Leading women join Saul Eslake on Mac Point Board

1 November 2018 Two high profile women with strong backgrounds in the building and construction sector have been appointed to the Macquarie Point Board, as well as one of Tasmania’s leading economists.

Parliament signs off on our Plan to reduce cost of living

1 November 2018 Reducing cost of living pressures is an important part of the Hodgman Liberal Government’s Plan for our State, the passage of two significant bills today will enable us to deliver on commitments aimed at reducing pressure on household budgets.

JBS abattoir update

31 October 2018 Last week’s meeting with pork producers and the TFGA in Launceston identified a number of potential options for ongoing processing at Devonport, as well as the long and short-term implications of the Devonport City Abattoir announcement.

Treasurer's Annual Financial Report

The Treasurer’s 2017-18 Annual Financial Report (TAFR) confirms that the Hodgman Liberal Government has once again balanced the budget, it is this strong financial management which has enabled us to invest more in essential services such as health and education.

David O'Byrne's relevance crisis

31 October 2018 “Labor calls council voter turnout a crisis” – The Mercury, October 29, 2018

Compulsory local government voting not a priority

29 October 2018 Once again, Labor wants to tell people what to do and how to behave – just as they did throughout the state election campaign.

Tasmania closes the gap in latest CommSec

29 October 2018 The latest CommSec State of the States report has confirmed Tasmania topped annual growth in the nation in four of the eight indicators.

A step forward in finding a solution to JBS issue

Today’s meeting with pork producers and the TFGA has been a very worthwhile and significant first step towards resolving this issue.

Government supports small business in new strategy

24 October 2018 The single most important action any government can take to support small, medium and large businesses and industry is to put in place an economic environment that gives the private sector the confidence to invest, grow and create jobs.

Tasmania leading the nation on job vacancies

24 October 2018 Tasmania’s economy is booming and our State’s businesses are the most confident in the nation.

Union disrupting services to push for bigger pay rises

23 October 2018 Tomorrow’s Union industrial action is designed to cause disruption to families and to a range of essential services, in order to push for a bigger pay rise.

Deloitte report underlines strength in Tasmania’s economy

23 October 2018 Tasmania is now a better place to live than ever before and today’s Deloitte Access Economics September 2018 Business Outlook report once again identifies the strong performance of the Tasmanian economy.

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