Greens want to end trade with China

19 September 2018 In Question Time today the Greens launched a series of bizarre attacks on trade with our largest trading partner, China, and then broadened their attack to international students the majority of which are Chinese students.

Moving the waste water treatment plant to unlock Mac Point’s potential

18 September 2018 Macquarie Point is one of the most attractive, centrally located capital city development sites in the entire country. By taking full advantage of the site’s potential we can unlock millions of dollars of investment, create hundreds of jobs and deliver a hub that will serve the community for generations to come.

Record number of Tasmanians in work

13 September 2018 The Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force figures for August 2018 confirm a record number of Tasmanians are in work with total employment over a quarter of a million for the first time.

Labor’s absurd GST conspiracies

Scott Bacon and Labor should be focusing on getting Bill Shorten to commit to as good a deal on GST as Scott Morrison has offered for Tasmania.

Statement from Peter Gutwein

12 September 2018 While it is not my usual practice to comment on private conversations, I can confirm that during our discussions relating to the GST the phrase attributed in today’s media to Mr Morrison was not used.

Rebecca White set to roll over to union pay demands at Labor State Conference

7th September 2018 With Labor’s State Conference just days away, Rebecca White has yet to rule out capitulating to the demands of her union masters which will smash Tasmania’s finances.

Tasmanian economy continues to power ahead

5th September 2018 The Australian Bureau of Statistics State Final Demand data for Tasmania, released today, shows strong growth of 0.9% in trend terms for the June 2018 quarter - the second fastest growth seen in the nation.

CH Smith redevelopment achieves important next step

5th September 2018 Launceston’s economy is growing and projects like the CH Smith redevelopment, the Launceston City Deal and the redevelopment of the Launceston General Hospital will make the State’s north an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

What people are saying about the 2018-19 Budget

Tasmania is now a much stronger, prouder and more confident place to be. Our economy is one of the strongest in the country, our Budget is under control, and we are able to invest more into essential services.

All whinge, no alternative budget

15th June 2018 The Government makes no apology for our record investment in job creating infrastructure that will build Tasmania’s future.

Different shades of White

15th June 2018 It smacks of complete hypocrisy for Labor Leader Rebecca White to today protest with workers who could have lost their job under her anti-pokies policy.

Helping Tasmanians with the cost of living

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to making Tasmania an even better place to live, work and build your future.

White and O’Byrne: September Showdown

12th June 2018 Labor Leader Rebecca White has confirmed that her failed pokies policy and leadership will be on the line at Labor’s State Conference.

Business confidence in Tasmania still the strongest in Australia

12th June 2018 For the third month in a row, the May NAB Monthly Business Survey released today confirms Tasmanian business confidence is the highest in Australia, well above the national average.

Bacon fails to understand the basics

12th June 2018 Labor’s Scott Bacon has again proven why he will never be more than a Failed Former Finance Minister sitting on the Opposition benches.

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