Local Government Act review

22 November 2018 The Hodgman Majority Liberal Government is committed to reviewing the Local Government Act, with the scope of the Review now finalised after consultation with the sector and community.

Strong management confirmed by Standard and Poor's credit rating

22 November 2018 Tasmania’s economy is booming, and it is now a better place to live than ever before. The latest classification from Standard and Poor’s, that retains Tasmania’s AA+ credit rating, confirms the strong financial management of the Hodgman Majority Liberal Government and its strong Budget position. This is important, because a strong budget enables the Government to make record investments into health, education and infrastructure, to deliver the services that Tasmanians need and deserve. The credit rating by Standard and Poor’s highlights the importance of the Government’s commitment to implementing savings and keeping expenditure growth under control. Standard and Poor’s said: “We view Tasmania’s financial management as extremely strong.” “… Tasmania’s experienced management team and exceptional liquidity coverage continue to underpin the state’s creditworthiness.” “… we still expect Tasmania to achieve solid operating surpluses…” It is clear the Government’s plan is working, with the ABS last week confirming Tasmania as the third fastest growing state in Australia. The 2018-19 Budget focusses on building for the future and taking Tasmania to the next level.

Tasmanian businesses keen for workers

22 November 2018 Tasmania’s businesses are increasingly confident with a growing economy, and with that comes jobs.

Tasmania records strongest economic growth

20 November 2018 Tasmania’s economy is booming, and it is now a better place to live than ever before.

Elizabeth Street Pier to be sold

19 November 2018 Tasmania’s tourism and property industries are booming, and the Hodgman Liberal Government plan to take advantage of this growth.

Tasmania's economy strongest in a decade

Tasmania’s economy is booming, and figures released from the ABS today confirm that our State is now a better place to live than ever before.

AEU leadership fail their own good-faith bargaining test

15 November 2018 The decision of the Australian Education Union’s leadership to reject the formal offer made by the Government this afternoon, and not even take it to their members or propose a counter offer, fails their very own good faith bargaining test.

Devonport City Abattoir future secured

15 November 2018 Tasmanian Quality Meats will take over the Devonport City Abattoir on Tuesday to continue the processing of pork in Tasmania.

Strong economic management means more Tasmanians are in work

15 November 2018 The Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force figures for October 2018 show total employment in Tasmania surpassed a quarter of a million and the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.6 per cent in trend terms.

Foundations in place for City Deal

8 November 2018 The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to growing the economy, creating jobs and cementing Tasmania’s place as one of the world’s must-see destinations.

Devonport abattoir update

7 November 2018 The Hodgman Liberal Government understands the importance of a sustainable meat industry in Tasmania and we are continuing to facilitate negotiations with industry players around the future of the JBS facility in Devonport.

Getting young Tasmanians into jobs

5 November 2018 Creating jobs for Tasmanians is the number one priority of the Hodgman Liberal Government, and a key component of this is getting young Tasmanians into fulfilling and rewarding careers. That’s why the Government has extended the successful payroll tax rebate scheme to support the employment of around 4,500 apprenticeships and trainees, and we’ve extended and increased the Small Business Grant for Apprenticeships and Trainees, to support around 500 new apprenticeships. It’s an important part of our Plan to increase the number of apprentices and trainees by 40 per cent by 2025, and it’s working. Tasmania is leading the nation with trades training commencements growing by 20.7 per cent over the 12 months to March 2018, a rate of growth that is five times greater than the national growth rate of 4.2 per cent over the same period. Businesses like Launceston’s Cataract on Paterson are able to take advantage of the Government’s incentives to take on new apprentices and trainees. Under the Hodgman Liberal Government; • 117 employers are currently taking advantage of the Payroll Tax Rebate Scheme which is supporting 1,234 apprentices and trainees, and 236 youth employees. • 1,661 Small Businesses are approved for the Small Business Grants Program. • Tasmania continues to have the highest completion rates for apprentices and trainees in Australia, at 58.1 per cent, compared to 52.7 per cent nationally. • The number of construction trades apprentices in training increased by 11.1 per cent over the 12 months to March 2018. • There has been a 32 per cent increase in government-funded vocational education students from January to June this year. Not only are our apprentice and trainee support initiatives working to get more young Tasmanians into work, but the Government’s disciplined economic management has seen business conditions and confidence reach the highest levels in the country, which encourages local businesses to create jobs. This is great news for Tasmania and shows that our Plan to take Tasmania to the next level is delivering.

Tasmania riding the wave of mountain bike tourism

Tourism is a major driver of economic growth and jobs creation in our State, and the Hodgman Liberal Government is helping boost the industry by investing $129 million into the sector.

Liberal Government growing the economy, Labor out of touch

The Liberal Government is focused on growing the economy, creating jobs and investing in essential services like health.

Tasmanians spending up as retail trade grows

2 November 2018 Tasmania’s record-breaking run of retail trade has once again continued, with Australian Bureau of Statistics data today confirming 47 months of consecutive growth. The total value of retail trade has hit a record $548.6 million in trend terms for the month of September, an increase of 0.5 per cent over the previous month. This was the fastest rate of monthly growth by any state or territory. Tasmania’s retail trade was 5.7 per cent higher than a year ago, the highest annual growth rate of any jurisdiction except Victoria and well above national annual growth of 3.5 per cent. The latest results prove that the Hodgman Liberal Government’s plan for Tasmania is working, and confirm the Government’s strong economic management is leading to increased confidence in Tasmania’s economy, which in turn is leading to more jobs being created. Jobs are the number one priority of the Hodgman Liberal Government, and since being elected in March 2014, 14,300 jobs have been created in Tasmania. Tasmania’s economy is booming, and it is now a better place to live than ever before, and these latest figures from the ABS confirm that.

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