What people are saying about the 2018-19 Budget

Tasmania is now a much stronger, prouder and more confident place to be. Our economy is one of the strongest in the country, our Budget is under control, and we are able to invest more into essential services.

The 2018-19 Budget delivers on all the commitments we made under our Plan to Build Your Future.

Tasmania’s best days are ahead of us – but only if we plan responsibly for the future.

The 2018-19 Budget charts the path the Hodgman Liberal Government will take to deliver on our Plan and make Tasmania an even better place to live, work and build your future.

Cradle Coast Authority – Deputy Chief Representative, Peter Freshney – Advocate, 15 June 2018ss

“As far as our community goes we are happy with the spend and trust that the good economic use continues.”

Launceston Chamber of Commerce Executive Officer, Neil Grose – Examiner, 15 June 2018

“The business community has confidence when the government has its house in order. Confidence breeds confidence”.

Launceston Mayor Albert Van Zetten – Examiner, 15 June 2018

“Northern Tasmania is taking great strides at the moment and there’s a lot of positivity out there; these budget commitments are only going to add to the sense that Launceston is on the move and continue the boom that’s underway in the city”.

Burnie Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Vice President, Ian Jones – Advocate, 15 June 2018

“I think it’s the best budget I’ve seen for many years.”

Examiner Editorial – 15 June 2018

“With a record spend on infrastructure over the next four years, there will be great optimism with 9300 jobs expected from the investment.  Overall, Northern Tasmanians should be happy with the level of investment and the opportunities they will create”.

Advocate Editorial – 15 June 2018

“… from an overall perspective, Budget 2018 has delivered for the North-West”.

“It is a lot about bricks and mortar, which will have ongoing benefits for the North-West and state as a whole for many years to come”.

Mercury Editorial – 15 June 2018

“The Budget figures released yesterday show a state in a pretty solid fiscal position”

“The figures unveiled yesterday reveal a state economy that is now one of the fastest growing in the country”.

“Over the past four years, this is a government has pegged back spending and returned the Budget to surplus”.

“It is also true that this government now has a proven track record of – as they like to say ‘strong financial management’.

Economist, Saul Eslake – commentary 14 June 2018

“Tasmanian Treasurer Peter Gutwein’s fifth Budget delivers on all of the Hodgman Government’s election commitments and provides what should serve as a further boost to business confidence.”

“Four of the Hodgman Government’s five budgets so far have been favoured by fortune. The Government has, to be fair, ‘made’ some of its own luck; and it has for the most part been prudent in managing the good fortune conferred on it by others. It has been able to deliver on its expansive suit of election commitments, whilst keeping the State’s finances in a generally sound condition.”

Font PR – Becher Townshend Budget Wrap 2018/19, 14 June 2018

“If Tasmanians voted for stable government and four more years of economic growth, they’ve certainly got it with this year’s budget. Treasurer Peter Gutwein has certainly delivered on his part with a beautiful set of numbers that include a $75 million surplus this year rising to 161 million next year.”

Tasmanian Labor, Twitter Post 2.48pm, 14 June 2018

“Peter Gutwein might crow about this budget investing in infrastructure but it certainly does invest in people.”


Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association – CEO Peter Skillern, media release 14 June 2018

“The State’s peak farming organisation has congratulated the new Minister for Primary Industries, Sarah Courtney on an excellent budget for agriculture. The raft of initiatives announced today will not only support agriculture but ensure its sustainability and assist the growth of regional communities.”

Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania, CEO Luke Martin, Twitter 14 June 2018

“Unprecedented and historic #TasBudget2018 for #tastourism. Targeted and critical new funding for @tourismtasmania @TasmaniaParks and @TasTAFEedu Drysdale. Massive commitment to Cradle Mountain while Hobart’s magnificent Treasury Building will be reborn.”

Tasmanian Small Business Council, Rob Mallett, ABC News online, 14 June 2018

“Specific initiatives such as the Small Business Advocate, initiatives to limit energy costs, ongoing incentives for employers employing apprentices and lowering the tax ceiling for small businesses transitioning to medium businesses through payroll tax reform, payroll tax relief for new businesses entering the state will all provide direct benefit to the sector.”

“The even better news is that the Government’s intent to continue working on large infrastructure projects, maintaining the first home owners grant, and continuing to support the education and emergency management sectors will ensure that the small business sector will be very busy supporting this activity in the coming years.”

Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council – Chief Executive, Julian Harrington, media release 14 June 2018

“The announcement [$12.7 million additional funding over 4 years for our seafood sector] will provide a significant financial stimulus that will support jobs and regional economies, while ensuring the long term, sustainable management of our marine resources. This Budget commitment highlights the Government’s confidence in Tasmania’s $925 million seafood industry.”

Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association – CEO Peter Skillern, media release 15 June 2018.

“It’s was pleasing to see the On-farm Energy and Irrigation Audit Program funded in the Budget’s Forward Estimates. The $10 million 12-month extension of the energy rebate program for commercial and industrial businesses coming of contract was also a welcome addition to the governments’ energy plan…. these are valuable initiatives that will assist Tasmanian agriculture tos remain profitable and sustainable as we work toward growing the value of the sector.”


David Clements, Tasmanian Children’s Commissioner – Examiner, 15 June 2018

“This additional funding will go a long way to addressing some of the challenges that existing with the current system”.

ANMF – Branch Secretary, Emily Shepherd – Mercury, 15 June 2018

“… welcomed the additional 76 inpatient beds, including the commitment to new mental health beds.”

AEU – President, Helen Richardson – Mercury, 15 June 2018

“… welcomed the election promise to provide an extra 250 teachers and 80 teacher assistants across six years”.

“Cradle Coast Authority – Deputy Chief Representative, Peter Freshney – Advocate, 15 June 2018

“The highlight for us is the $35 million for the Mersey Community Hospital”.

Mental Health Council – Chief Executive Officer, Connie Digolis, Budget response 15 June

“MHCT is pleased that the Government is working to honour their pre-election promises, particularly regarding their commitment to establishing step-up and step-down services, which have been sadly lacking in our State. Additionally we welcome the Government’s commitment to the trial of NSW’s Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASO) as a fantastic step towards adopting an effective, evidence based approach to co-delivering housing and mental health.”

Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association – Chief Executive, Peter Skillern, Examiner 15 June 2018

“It’s particularly pleasing to see additional funding for Rural Business Tasmania to support them in their vital counselling services.”

Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania – media release 14 June 2018

“Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania, the network of 33 DHHS funded Houses, their committees, staff and the over 1400 volunteers in Houses were ecstatic about the Budget announcements today that included adding a 34th State funded Neighbourhood House to the network. Welcome Phoenix Community House on King Island!”

“The core commitment to increase the annual recurrent funding by $45,000 to each of the 33 currently funded Neighbourhood Houses was met with excitement and relief!”

Shelter Tasmania – Executive Officer, Patti Chugg, media release 14 June 2018

“Shelter Tas, Tasmania’s peak body for housing and homelessness services, welcomes the State Government’s recognition of the housing crisis in Tasmania by bringing forward $25m, and the recommitment of funds for Tasmania's Affordable Housing Strategy Stage II.”

“Shelter Tas welcomes the continuation of funding for the Mums ‘n’ Bubs program run by Karinya Young Women’s Service in Launceston to support young Tasmanian families.”

CPSU – Tom Lynch, Southern Cross News 12 June 2018

On funding additional staff members in Tasmania’s child safety sector: “What this means for frontline workers is that there is sufficient staff for every child reported at risk to be allocated a child safety officer, who can then provide them with the care and support they need.”

Australian Medical Association – media release 24 February 2018

“The AMA strongly supports investment in a well-integrated, coordinated prehospital ambulance and retrieval medicine system.  With advanced skills to stabilise and start essential treatments, a helicopter team can deliver patients either to the nearest major hospitality of directly to the Royal Hobart Hospital if required. This sill shave hours off the time it takes to reach life and limb-saving ‘definitive care’.”


Property Council of Tasmania – Executive Director, Brian Wightman – Advocate, 15 June 2018

“Most of Tasmania’s infrastructure is at least 50 years old.  Therefore, a spending of $2.6 billion is welcomed.  Road and rail upgrades should deliver improved services”.

Burnie Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Vice President, Ian Jones – Advocate, 15 June 2018s

“The infrastructure spend of $2.6 billion is great as it creates and maintains jobs in the regions”.

Launceston Chamber of Commerce Executive Officer, Neil Grose – Examiner, 15 June 2018

“Traffic is an increasingly difficult issue and an impediment to business with choked up roads leading to and from our main residential and industrial areas, and $53 million towards the Launceston and Tamar Valle traffic vision will hopefully see the Mowbray interconnector finally started and the Charles Street Bridge and Invermay traffic issues fixed”.

Australian Logistics Council – Managing Director Michael Kilgariff, media release 14 June 2018

“Boosting the crossing capacity of the Derwent River with a new Bridgewater Bridge is top economic priority for Tasmania and for the nation. The construction of a modern, four-lane Derwent River crossing is the key to opening up Tasmania’s North-South corridor, allowing for more efficient movement of freight, improving road transport times between key ports in the State’s north and Hobart, and providing a safer experience for all road users.”

RACT@RACTOfficial – Twitter 14 June 2018

“RACT is thrilled to see the combined commitment by both Federal and State Governments to deliver a new Bridgwater Bridge by 2024. We’re also pleased to see that this budget addresses a large number of RACT’s road infrastructure priorities. The significant investment in funding these road improvements was a big win for Tasmanian motorists.”

Tasmanian Transport Association – Executive Director Michelle Harwood, media release 14 June 2018

“The Tasmanian Transport Association welcomes the continued focus on infrastructure investment, incentives for increasing apprentices and trainees, and support for mental health in the 2018 Tasmanian Budget.  Confirmation that the long-awarded new Bridgewater Bridge will finally be operating in 2024 was good news for the freight transport industry.   The old bridge is a massive handbrake on freight movements.  It’s slow and narrow and constricts the flow of traffic badly so the Budget funding to replace the bridge is very welcome”.


Police Association of Tasmania – Acting President, Gavin Cashion – Examiner, 15 June 2018

“We look forward to future budgets continuing in this vein … providing a boost to the health and welfare of our members who have lived and worked for too long in substandard houses and premises.


Tasmanian Council of Social Services – CEO Kym Goodes, Budget statement 14 June 2018

“Today’s State Budget continues the Government’s strong investment and commitment to our most vulnerable Tasmanians and recognises that cost of living pressures are a reality for many in this State.

We applaud the Government’s investment in cost of living measures, child protection and family violence

These investments demonstrate the Government cares about Tasmanians living on low incomes and struggling through difficult times.”


Bank of US – CEO, Paul Ranson - #politas

“We welcome the housing strategy measures in this year’s State Budget”

Launceston Mayor Albert Van Zetten – Examiner, 15 June 2018

“This funding will allow us to undertake a number of infrastructure improvement projects in coming years that will dramatically improve the health of the estuary and, as I’ve said before, this project represents the most tangible and coordinated move towards improving the health of the Tamar estuary that the city has seen in decades”.

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