Time for Labor and the Greens to back Libs’ head works policy to create jobs

If Labor and the Greens really wanted to create jobs they would back our plan to waive head works charges.

Our unemployment rate is the highest in the country and our jobless queues are the longest they’ve been in decades.  Yet, rather than implementing the Liberals’ sensible policy to unlock up to $100 million of investment, Labor and the Greens would rather sit on their hands simply because it wasn’t their idea.

No wonder the business community has absolutely no confidence in the Labor-Green experiment.

Tasmanians are sick and tired of Labor and the Greens and a number of others in the community failing to stand up for jobs.  If Tasmanians want a stable majority Government and a Government that is focused on creating jobs and growing the economy, then they have to vote Liberal at the State election.

If elected, we will work closely with TasWater and its local government owners, to implement this policy.

The cost of this policy will be offset by the nearly $500 million in savings we have identified in the budget.

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