Tasmania’s nation leading economy recognised

29 October 2019

Tasmania’s economy is surging ahead, and the Hodgman majority Liberal Government’s long term plan is working.

CommSec’s State of the States Report, ranks Tasmania’s economy second in the nation, our best result in ten years.

Our economy continues to go from strength to strength with Saul Eslake commenting on Tasmania’s CommSec ranking:

“It is a relatively uncommon thing to occur. In fact, Tasmania’s new performance has really occurred over the last five or six years.”

It is no surprise our economic turnaround coincides with the Hodgman majority Liberal Government taking office.

What’s more - in a resounding endorsement of the Government’s budget management, leading ratings Agency Standard and Poors Global rated Tasmania AA+ (Stable), it’s second highest. In fact, S&P Global stated that:

Tasmania’s experienced management team and exceptional liquidity coverage continue to underpin the state’s credit worthiness.”

“We expect the state’s debt level to remain low compared with its peers.”

Our strong economy allows us to employ more nurses, teachers and police officers, while investing in vital infrastructure. 15,000 new jobs have been created since we took office, driving down the unemployment rate in all 29 Tasmanian Local Government Areas.

When Mr O’Byrne was the Economic Development Minister in 2013, Tasmania was ranked dead last on all eight measures in CommSec’s State of the States Report, two thirds of Tasmanian businesses thought the government was working against them, and 10,000 jobs were lost. As a result, Tasmanians and businesses left the state in in droves.

The Labor-Green opposition clearly do not have a plan and they cannot be trusted to manage the Tasmanian economy or the state budget.

Our state budget is all about maintaining the extraordinary momentum we are now seeing around Tasmania. Our plan is working, to grow the economy, create jobs, invest in essential services, keep Tasmanians safe and protect our way of life.

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