Tasmania leads the way in the Sensis Business Index

7 May 2019

The latest Sensis Business Index confirms the Hodgman Liberal Government’s policies are working, as Tasmanian business confidence remains among the strongest in the country.

For the March 2019 quarter, the Survey shows that businesses rated the Hodgman Liberal Government’s policies the most popular in the nation for the seventh quarter in a row.

This confidence in our Plan is why the private sector continues to invest in our state, as demonstrated by our nation leading results in new capital expenditure, building approvals and engineering construction work done.

The Survey also found that Tasmanian businesses were the second most confident among all states. Tasmania’s net confidence rating was one of only two in the country that didn’t fall in the March quarter and remained nine points above the national average.

Importantly, this confidence is being felt everywhere in the State, with the Survey showing that Tasmania’s regional businesses recorded one of the strongest confidence ratings of +50.

The Sensis Business Index results demonstrate the Hodgman Liberal Government’s policies are delivering in every region, as we work to ensure that all Tasmanians feel the benefits of a strong economy.

By providing an investment-friendly environment, the Hodgman Liberal Government is driving growth and creating jobs, as we continue to get on with the job of maintaining this hard won momentum.

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