Supporting businesses in cutting red tape

5 March 2019


We know the difficulties and costs unnecessary red tape and over regulation can cause for Tasmanian small businesses and we are committed to removing these barriers to growing our economy and jobs.

The latest Tasmanian Red Tape Audit Report confirms of 118 identified red tape issues, more than 76 per cent have already been resolved through industry consultation and direct engagement with small businesses, enabling them to get things done quicker and more efficiently.

The Red Tape Reduction Coordinator continues to work constructively with businesses and service providers such as, the Tasmania Fire Service, TasWater and TasNetworks, to assist businesses to deliver job creating investment in Tasmania.

We have reduced red tape to make it easier for companies to do business in the state by utilising technology, electronic lodgement of forms in the tenancy space, and streamlining reporting and licence renewal for the mining industry, among many other reforms.

While we understand appropriate regulation is required to protect our community, the impact of outdated or unnecessary regulation is a major concern for business. This is why we continue the push to remove unnecessary red tape and to assist small business navigate their way through our regulatory framework which ensure appropriate safety, workplace and environmental outcomes.

The Government has a target to fix up 85 per cent of reported red tape issues by 2022 and this latest report confirms we are well on our way to achieving that target.

The full Tasmanian Red Tape Audit Report 2018-19 is available at

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