O’Byrne lets cat out of the bag on Labor tax grab

9 October 2019

Labor’s former failed Economic Development Minister David O’Byrne has confirmed Tasmanian politics worst kept secret, that under a future Labor Government you will pay more tax.

In what can only be described as a moment of remarkable candour, Mr O’Byrne has confirmed that a Labor Government would not rule out new or increased state taxes;

“Mr O'Byrne would not say whether Labor or the government should consider new state-based taxes but said he was open to a review of state taxation.”*

While Labor have refused to be upfront with Tasmanians on their economic plans by not producing an alternative Budget, it seems they are perfectly happy to secretly work out ways to slug Tasmanians more.

Does David O’Byrne’s statement indicate Labor’s formal support of the Greens shack tax proposal?

Does it mean Labor now supports a tax on our nation leading tourism industry, as flagged by Rebecca White in March?

Or does it just mean that no matter what that under Labor you will pay more?

In stark contrast, the Hodgman majority Liberal Government is firmly of the view that the best way to fund and deliver government services for Tasmanians is to grow the economy and create more jobs, which is exactly what we have been delivering.

Tasmania has come a long way in the last five and half years, which is why Labor’s reheating of the former, failed Economic Development Minister, David O’Byrne, as Shadow Treasurer demonstrates just how out of touch they remain on Tasmania’s economy.

Tasmanians will not forget that under David O’Byrne’s economic stewardship, 10,000 Tasmanians lost their job, our state was driven into recession, and people were fleeing for the mainland.

It’s time for David O’Byrne and Labor to come clean on their secret tax plan to slug Tasmanians more.

* The Advocate, 9 October 2019

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