Local Government Act review

22 November 2018

The Hodgman Majority Liberal Government is committed to reviewing the Local Government Act, with the scope of the Review now finalised after consultation with the sector and community.

The Government is undertaking the Review to ensure the Local Government Act is contemporary.

Terms of Reference for the Review cover a wide range of local government issues including the collection of revenues, electoral provisions, governance, powers and operations of statutory bodies as well as community engagement.

Additionally it will reduce red tape, enhance accountability and transparency and increase community confidence.

It will not consider council amalgamations.

The Review is expected to take approximately two years, with new legislation to be in place by 2020 to allow implementation before the next local government elections.

The Review’s Terms of Reference and governance structure is available at: http://www.dpac.tas.gov.au/divisions/local_government/local_government_legislation_review2

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