Libs’ plan will capitalise on competitive advantages

The only way Tasmania will be able to realise a brighter future is under a majority Hodgman Liberal Government. 

We have already released our Plan for a Brighter Future that will build on Tasmania’s competitive strengths and grow development and investment in emerging areas, like the ones outlined by Deloitte. 

Our Plan for a Brighter Future will:

  • Provide strong and stable government to get things done;
  • Make Tasmania attractive for economic investment and job creation;
  • Get the budget under control;
  • Build a modern economy supported by our competitive strengths in agriculture and aquaculture, mining and forestry, tourism and energy; and
  • Rebuild our essential health and police services and invest in education to create a job-ready generation.

We will never be able to capitalise on some of the areas identified by Deloitte under a Labor-Green minority Government. 

For example, Deloitte says agribusiness is one of the new waves, yet the Greens oppose salmon farming.  Deloitte highlights the importance of tourism, yet the Greens oppose sensible tourism development in and around national parks.  Deloitte talks about our advantages with gas, but the Greens are opposed to even looking for gas resources, let alone using them. 

Labor and the Greens are so hopelessly split they could never capitalise on our competitive strengths.  Only the Liberals can form the strong, stable majority Government that Tasmania needs and only the Liberals have a plan that will capitalise on our competitive strengths, grow the economy and create jobs.

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