Liberals’ Plan to rebuild essential services: Supporting Neighbourhood and Community Houses

A majority Liberal Government will invest $1.7 million to provide each of Tasmania’s thirty four Neighbourhood and Community Houses with additional funding of $50,000 each over the next two years.


The Liberals have always been strong supporters of Neighbourhood and Community Houses; we understand that they are the heart and soul of many communities providing localised support to those who need it.


Houses will be able to use the additional $50,000 we will provide in government, as they see fit, to best benefit their local community.


 A majority Liberal Government will also:


Provide $100,000 to resource 15-20 start up Food Cooperatives. These are partnerships between community, local food producers, food relief organisations and Neighbourhood and Community Houses to provide vulnerable people with access to low cost, fresh and healthy food.


Ensure that in future emergencies, local Community Houses are properly recognised and resourced as part of the crisis response. In the immediate aftermath of the January 2013 bushfires, the Dunalley Neighbourhood House played a key role in distributing emergency aid and acting as a community hub. This valuable role was recognised in the 2013 report into the Tasmanian bushfires; and

Reduce red tape and compliance reporting for all Neighbourhood Houses. The Liberals have a clear plan to reduce red tape, including the compliance burden imposed on community sector organisations by Government. We will work with the Tasmanian Association of Community Houses (TACH) to significantly reduce compliance reporting, including allowing the suspension of normal reporting in the event of disaster and crisis response (such as bushfires).


These commitments are part of the Liberals’ long term Plan to rebuild essential services, with funding coming from the nearly $500 million in savings we have already identified.

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