Labor’s reheated leftovers from economic hangover

13 September 2019

Labor’s reheating of the former, failed Economic Development Minister, David O’Byrne, as Shadow Treasurer demonstrates just how out of touch they remain on Tasmania’s economy.

Tasmanians will not forget that under David O’Byrne’s economic stewardship 10,000 Tasmanians lost their job, our state was driven into recession, and people were fleeing for the mainland.

David O’Byrne cannot be believed until he commits to producing an alternative budget each and every year.

As I have said consistently ‘whingeing isn’t a policy and complaining isn’t a platform’ and without an alternative budget Tasmanians won't know what Labor’s policies are, how much they will cost and importantly how they intend to pay for them.

This week’s Parliamentary sitting has exposed the deep divisions that run through the heart of the Labor Opposition.

After five and a half years in Opposition, the Labor rabble still do not have a long-term plan for Tasmania’s economic future.

If David O’Byrne and Labor are to be believed, they must be honest with Tasmanians and spell out their costed policies immediately.

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