Labor’s Budget black hole worsens

Peter Gutwein MP
Shadow Treasurer

Sunday July 14, 2013

Lara Giddings bet the state budget on the carbon tax remaining unchanged and she has lost.

Ms Giddings must explain how she will deal with a reduction in Hydro revenue of potentially tens of millions of dollars as a result of Kevin Rudd’s plans to remove the carbon tax.*

This comes on top of growing concerns about Hydro's apparent profit shortfall for 2012-13 and rapidly decreasing water storages.

The Premier needs to come clean, admit her budget is in tatters and outline what she intends to do.

The Liberals Budget Plan anticipated the removal of the carbon tax, and with a $226 million stronger bottom line is much better placed to absorb Hydro profit downcasts.

*Sunday Tasmanian 14/7/13


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