Investment in Northern Tasmania welcomed

20 June 2019

The Hodgman Liberal Government welcomes today’s announcement of further investment in job-creating infrastructure to boost the visitor appeal of Northern Tasmania.

Launceston’s Larter family has operated the Basin Chairlift for several decades and it is terrific to see that they have the confidence in Tasmania’s future to invest up to $20 million in building this state-of-the-art attraction.

The Launceston Skyway gondola proposal would be a game changer for Launceston. It would be a tourism drawcard in its own right and would build on the reputation the city is fast becoming known for as one of the most progressive and exciting places to live in the country.

Launceston’s Gorge and First Basin are among the most visited locations in Tasmania and are unique given their close proximity to the city. This proposal would build on that while delivering a project which will have a minimal environmental footprint and would be a major tourism attraction for the city.

Tasmania continues to be a must-visit location for interstate and international tourists and we know there is a great appetite for experiences that showcase our natural beauty.

With new hotels in the construction and planning stages, tourism drawcards like this contemporary new gondola cableway will give Tasmanians and visitors an added reason to spend extra time in Launceston and Northern Tasmania.

It should be noted that this project still has to be considered and approved by the Launceston City Council, which is the designated planning body.

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