Greens’ honest about their slash and burn budget alternative, unlike Labor

29 May 2019

It says a lot that two Green members can put together an alternative budget while 14 Labor members can’t.

First and foremost, it says that everyone apart from Rebecca White and Labor realises that you can’t be an alternative government if you don’t have an alternative plan.

While the Greens deserve credit for at least backing up their constant negativity with an alternative budget, it is very clear that a future Labor-Green Government would once again decimate jobs, businesses and our economy.

Slashing infrastructure projects, de-funding important tourism initiatives and infrastructure, and gutting major industries like racing is the last thing Tasmania needs.

It’s a typical anti-business, Green-left agenda, however unlike Labor, at least the Greens had the guts to be honest with Tasmanians about what they would do differently.

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