DID YOU KNOW: Hodgman Liberal Government investing more into health than ever before

6 February 2019

Mr Bacon once again demonstrates he is not up to the job.

The facts are, the Hodgman Liberal Government is investing more into health than ever before.

The RER included an injection of $113 million into health this year, with a further provision of $150 million over the forward estimates period, all of which is in addition to the Government’s record health spend of $757 million, which received the support of the Tasmanian people at the last election.

In total, we have now committed an additional $1.02 billion into Tasmania’s health system.

The RER provides a current year update and whilst a significant provision for health has been allocated for future years, health funding for 2019-20 will be considered and finalised during the development of the upcoming budget.

Mr Bacon knows that, or at least he should, but as history demonstrates he wasn’t very good at his job when he was the Finance Minister in the failed Labor-Green Government.

Our commitment to investing in Tasmania’s health system, employing hundreds more nurses, doctors and other frontline health workers is in stark contrast to that of Labor, who sacked a nurse a day for nine months.

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