Bacon fries Budget

 4 June 2019

Scott Bacon knows Labor’s reckless spending would immediately drive Tasmania into deficit and almost double net debt across the forward estimates – that’s why he has refused to deliver an alternative Budget.

When costed, Labor’s State Budget thought bubbles, including a blanket 3 per cent per annum public sector wage rise and opposition to the government efficiency dividend, would blow a $790.5 million hole in the Budget bottom line, driving State net debt to more than $1.9 billion by 2022-23.

While Labor claims the Hodgman Liberal Government’s record investments in health, education and infrastructure are the ‘wrong priorities’, Mr Bacon hasn’t once suggested what Labor would do differently. In effect, Mr Bacon has fully endorsed the Hodgman Liberal Government’s State Budget.

Given Mr Bacon has failed to even offer one savings measure to fund Labor’s so called policies, it means he must be going to either cut essential services or increase taxes on Tasmanians.

It’s clear if Labor were ever in charge of Tasmania’s finances Scott Bacon would burn the Budget bottom line.

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