Another survey shows that business confidence is down under the Labor-Green experiment

The disastrous Labor-Green experiment has destroyed jobs and hurt the economy, so it’s little wonder the latest survey from NAB shows that business confidence in Tasmania is the lowest in the country (a copy of the survey is attached).

Notably, following the federal election business confidence rose in every state except Tasmania, which is still being held back by Labor and the Greens.

This comes just days after the Sensis Business Index showed that business support for the Labor-Green experiment has collapsed and is the worst in the country.

Labor and the Greens should stop making excuses and accept the facts.

Labor and the Greens are completely out of ideas.  All they can do is stand on the sidelines and criticise our positive plan to grow the economy and create jobs.

In contrast, the Liberals have a plan to:

  • Provide strong and stable majority government;
  • Build a modern economy to create jobs;
  • Cut red and Green tape to encourage investment;
  • Fix the budget; and
  • Rebuild essential services.

The only way to deliver our plan for jobs and growth and the strong majority government Tasmania needs is to vote Liberal.

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