Alternative budget failure

28 May 2019

Most days, the Labor Party sets a very low bar for themselves to jump over. Today, they tripped over it.

After five days of complaining about the budget, today was Labor’s chance to prove they have an alternative plan to back up their incessant complaints. As suspected, they don’t.

What would Labor change about the $3.6 billion infrastructure program we have outlined? No comment from Ms White in her budget reply.

What would they change about the level of borrowing to fund the job-creating infrastructure? No comment from Ms White.

Would they reduce or change the level of surplus the Government is delivering each year across the forward estimates? No comment from Ms White.

How would they fund their previously stated commitment to a 3 per cent pay rise for all public servants? No comment from Ms White.

If they oppose the sensible and modest 0.75 efficiency dividend, what is their alternative? No comment from Ms White.

Labor’s farcically shallow budget reply today was an admission that they couldn’t come up with a better budget or a better plan than the Government, even if they tried.

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