Liberals’ Craggy Ridge commitment to create 1000 new jobs

Craggy Ridge eco-tourism development to create 1000 new jobs

Liberals’ Plan to rebuild essential services: Supporting Neighbourhood and Community Houses

Creating jobs will be the number one priority of a majority Liberal Government


Giddings dumped the Greens because if she didn't David O'Byrne would have dumped her

Liberals’ back Mussleroe development: to deliver over 1000 new jobs for the North East

The Libs recognised that the North East of Tasmania is a region in desperate need of an economimic and jobs boost since Labor and Greens shut down the forestry industry

Response to Revised Estimates Report

Adjustments have been made to the Liberals' numbers, due to Wednesday's Budget update

Labor offers no hope on jobs, Tasmania desperately needs the Libs’ plan

People are giving up looking for jobs in Tasmania

You can’t trust Labor with money

Rather than more empty promises and excuses from Labor, Tasmanians want a real plan to fix the budget mess

Labor driving Tasmania deeper into debt and deficit every day

Lara Giddings is driving Tasmania deeper into debt and deficit every day

Labor must spell out plan to fix the budget mess

The Mid-Year report will show that Labor and the Greens have comprehensively trashed the budget


Labor and Green have wrecked the budget with the biggest ever deficit of $316 million

Carbon tax is a tax on jobs and a tax on economic growth

Carbon Tax is a stark reminder of what a deal between Labor and the Greens really means.

Majority Government pulp mill’s only chance

Labor will never deliver the pulp mill because the Greens won't let them

McKim rips up the forest deal

Bit rich for Mr McKim to bleat about the Libs saying that they will rip up the disastrous forest deal, when he is doing it himself!


The Greens will never be satisfied, the forest "peace" deal has not delivered peace and will not deliver peace

Libs push for BBL cricket in Launceston

no reason why Tasmania can not have a second BBL team based in Launceston

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