Jobs crisis turning into a jobs catastrophe, while Giddings blames the unemployed for the problem

New figures released today show that the unemployment rate has jumped again to 8.4 per cent.

Tasmania needs an election, not a jobs summit

This week’s jobs summit is an admission of failure from Labor and the Greens. Tasmanians know that the only way to get the economy growing and to create jobs is to get rid of the disastrous Labor-Green experiment. Since Lara Giddings became Premier, nearly 10,000 full time jobs have disappeared. When it comes to jobs, Lara Giddings is the worst Premier Tasmania has had in 30 years. While Labor continues to offer excuses, the Liberals have developed a Jobs Plan. Our plan focuses on economic growth, more investment, more jobs and less red and Green tape.

More jobs gone under Giddings than any other Premier in the last 30 years

When it comes to jobs, Lara Giddings is the worst Premier Tasmania has had in the last 30 years (see attached). Under Premier Giddings around 10,000 full time jobs have disappeared.

O’Byrne must come clean on process for forest money

It's time for David O'Byrne to come clean on the process for allocating forest deal funding. We have been contacted by a number of people over the last two days angry that the work they put into applications for funding has apparently been ignored.

Labor must take responsibility for worsening unemployment crisis

Today I met with a Tasmanian business owner who expects to be forced out of business by the end of the year as a result of Labor shutting down forestry to please the Greens. The forest deal has been a politically motivated disaster right from the start. It has locked up our vital timber resources, closed down businesses and claimed hundreds of jobs all in the promise of a peace which has never eventuated.

Labor’s Budget black hole worsens

Lara Giddings bet the state budget on the carbon tax remaining unchanged and she has lost. Ms Giddings must explain how she will deal with a reduction in Hydro revenue of potentially tens of millions of dollars as a result of Kevin Rudd’s plans to remove the carbon tax.*

Unemployment disgrace

Today’s unemployment figures are truly shocking and the ultimate proof of how much Labor and the Greens have failed Tasmanians. 8,900 full time Tasmanian jobs have gone since Labor got into bed with the Greens. The only way to grow the economy and create jobs is to elect a majority Liberal government with our Plan for a Brighter Future.

Forest Deal funding process sham

Regional Councils are right to be upset at the rushed and political process for the allocation of funding from the Forestry Deal. It’s clear that this program is not a job-creation program, it’s a Labor re-election plan. There is no proper process for the allocation of this funding, and projects will be decided on the basis of the political whim of Federal and State Labor.

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