2019-20 State Budget passes Parliament

20 June 2019

Today, the 2019-20 State Budget which makes record investments in infrastructure, health and education was passed by Parliament.

It is a Budget which is framed to maintain the momentum built up over the last five years and invests for continued growth.

The Budget delivers new schools, new hospitals, more housing, better roads, more teachers, nurses, doctors and police officers, and supports the creation of around 10,000 new jobs for Tasmanians.

It is a Budget which delivers on our Plan, takes action on the cost of living, and invests in apprenticeships and traineeships to ensure our State has a skilled workforce for the future.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, this Budget session we have again witnessed Rebecca White and Labor refusing to be honest with Tasmanians and deliver an alternative Budget.

Over the past month, Rebecca White and Labor have been completely obsessed with stunts, thought bubbles and whinging.

In contrast, the Hodgman Liberal Government is focused on getting on with the job of delivering on our Plan so all Tasmanians can share in a growing, prosperous State.

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